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Light installation and moving images

Using several projection process, the Exprojections change ground, facades and trees in amazing scenery.

Both street art, puppetry and shadow theater, this performance of light and images change our point of view on ordinary life scenery.

In the night time, text are printed on the ground, walls are covered with strange animated figures and trees becomes luminous anamorphosis.

Each Exprojection is created according to the place and the event. We create a picture data bank and text before the event. During the event, images are animated by two, three or four puppeteers.

Références :

  • Festival "lumière, lumières", Habay, Belgique,
  • Festival des nuits d'été (74),
  • Nuits des musées, Nemours.
  • 9/9 bis- carreau des mines, Oignies
  • Hotel industriel leroy, St Fargeau Ponthierry
  • Espace culturel les 26 couleurs, St Fargeau Ponthierry
  • Under, photos of the Century of Fontainebleau Theater: PERPETUUM (photos Dominique Morelieras)

photos Gallia et Olivier Vallet