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A dreamlike vision of mathematics

Liquid Mirror, Cyclope/Caméra Lucida, fold paper Cello suite n°4 BWV 1010 & BWV 1011 Johan Sebastian Bach

Based on the diary of Alexandre Grothendieck, one of the greatest mathematician of the 20th century and on Alfred Kubin's move L'Autre Côté (The Other Side), the show is an odyssey through the minds of these two exceptional personalities. Manipulating strange instrumentts (the Liquid Mirror, a 3 meters high film of soap, kind of leaving bubble, the Cyclop, an optical apparatus showing colorful and moving images, and an old magic lagtern), the two actresses explore this fascinating question : from where do ideas and visions come from ? The show is punctuated by J.S. Bach Suites played on stage on cello by E.M. Couturier from Ensemble Intercontemporain


With : Florence Boutet et Anne Bitran, manipulation, jeu and Eric-Maria Couturier, violoncelle

Scene direction : Nicolas Struve, Florence Boutet de Monvel et Anne Bitran

Light inventions : Olivier Vallet

Scenography : Olivier Vallet

Texts : extraits croisés de "Récoltes et Semailles", Alexandre Grothendieck (inédit) et "The Other Side", Alfred Kubin (ed. Corti)

Music : Johan Sebastian Bach, Suite pour Violoncelle N° 4. BWV 1010. Mi bémol Majeur

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