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We are flying !

Moving our shadows in the sky ! Getting higher and higher !

Last projection device invented by Olivier Vallet and la Compagnie des Rémouleurs, this eight-meters wingspan bird-marionette is held by he- lium balloons. Real aerial screen, it glides over the public and collects pictures cast by the shadow puppeteers from the ground.

No words, only music, light and air. We perform either with recorded music or live musicians. The Bird can fly in the streets of a city, in gardens, fields, open-air theaters, open quarries, beaches... But it also flies indoor, in industrial wastelands, opera houses, covered markets, big temples, big tops...

Following the place of representation and the event theme, the picture data bank and the choreography are made to measure

CASTING AND SUPPORT Shadow puppet theater and magic lantern Production : Les Rémouleurs Scene direction : Anne Bitran Light creation : Olivier Vallet, Etienne Charles and Adrien Maheux Drawings : Martina Menconi Construction and conception :Catherine Coustère, Olivier Vallet and Anne Bitran With : Bérénice Guénée, Martina Menconi, Gallia Vallet, Anne Bitran, Olivier Vallet, Adrien Maheux or Etienne Charles

Support : Espace Periphérique-Ville de Paris-Parc de la Villette The Cie Les Rémouleurs is supported by the Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles d’Ile de France - Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication