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"There are three kinds of people : the living, the dead and those who go on the sea" Aristote


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A musical and without words shadow puppet and optical theater show, following the travel of a migrant. Official papers, police controls, wires, walls, camps, extrem violence of a world who increases the protections against himself.

Whereas all media glorify modern heroes, sportsmen of all kind, football champions, yacht race sailormen and other high level mountain climbers, we meet every day without even seeing them, adventurers of another calibre, anonymous and moneyless Ulysses, who went through wires, policemen and smugglers, faced storms and traps, felt thirst, hunger and expectation with the sole aim of finding a better life somewhere on earth. The spectator’s eye roves beside a migrant leaving his village, home and family and fathoms the intimacy of his quest. Long shots, travellings, tracking in details of the frame, leads the audience to visions of landscapes, hudge cities, ecolological disasters, busy areas, sidewalks and benches, but also the migrant’s hands and the things they usually hold : passeports, few coins, family photos, food crumbs ...

A SHADOW, CATOPTRIC* EFFECTS AND PERCUSSIONS THEATER SHOW FOR ANY AUDIENCE Cast on a brown wrapping paper screen, the black or coloured shadows, the soft mirrors moving reflections or the uncanny objects manipulations revealed by the Cyclope (Camera Lucida) give this contemporary epic a timeless feeling. The simplicity of the materials used (oiled paper, tanned skin, flame, bamboos...) and craft techniques used for the lightings is in harmony with the story and increases its impact. Frontières is intended to a large audience, adults and children together. We can play in theaters of course, but we love to perform in less conventional places, where we can meet a mixed audience, not so used to theater performance such as temples or museums, squatts, former industrial sites, sheds... If the technical conditions are there (darkness, silence, fine weather...), we also love to play outdoor, in gardens or parks, just as we did in Thailand and Burma (but also in Brasil and many places in France !). The relationships between the performance and the natural environment and sounds are deeply meaningful to us. * Catoptric : science of mirrors

Production : Les Rémouleurs

Scene direction : Anne Bitran

Music Creation : Francesco Pastacaldi

Light Création : Olivier Vallet

Drawings : Martina Menconi

Scenography, construction : Anne Bitran, Bérénice Guénée, Martina Menconi, Olivier Vallet

With : Bérénice Guénée et Martina Menconi (en alternance), Anne Bitran, Olivier Vallet, Francesco Pastacaldi (percussionniste, multi instrumentiste)

Thanks to Tom Sutarath Sinnong (Thaïlande) & My Lê Chabert (France) Choreography advice : Cyrinne Douss

Co-production Centre Culturel André Malraux, Scène Nationale de Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy et Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes de Charleville Mézières

With the support of Thaïlande French Ambassy, le Conseil Général de la Seine Saint Denis - Via le Monde, l’Institut Français, l'ADAMI

La Cie Les Rémouleurs is supported by Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles d’Ile de France -

Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication





Hanoï, Juin 2014.

Photos Gallia Vallet