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Monsters, Mirrors, Marvels

Marionnettes performed in bars

English version possible !

"Facing monsters is this : an irresistible fascination crossing the whole society... The experience of the amazement, of the hesitations, of the eyes, the end of the words. Here is the monster : a sudden presence, an unexpected exposure, a intense perception trouble, A flickering suspension of eyes and language, something impossible to represent."

Jean-Jacques Courtine, Histoire du corps (History of the body)


Receptacle of extrem feelings (repulsion, terror, pity) the freak, or the one considered as a freak, fascinates and frightens in the same time. His deformity, his strangeness reconciles us with our own body ; his misfortune makes our life better : " It's not enough to be happy, better if the others are not" (Jules Renard).

Direction : Anne Bitran and Catherine Gendre

Texts : Olivier Vallet, Victor Hugo, Tod Browning, Anne Bitran

Puppets made and handled by Anne Bitran, Bérénice Guénée

Drawings of the shadows : Gallia Vallet

MusicScott Taylor, Hobo Erectus, Joséphine Baker...

Light design, lighting machines : Olivier Vallet

2 persons on tour.

Created on january 2013 the 22nd at the Baron Rouge café, Paris 11è

Produced with the help of french Ministry of culture, (DRAC Ile de France), ARCADI, Conseil Général de Seine et Marne,Théâtre de la Marionnette à Paris AND Grand Parquet Theater





Photos Gallia Vallet, Brigitte Pougeoise et Olivier Vallet.