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BURUNG : a Bird messenger born in Indonesia


A French - Indonesian creation : Les Remouleurs/Senyawa/and an Indonesian team.


“Opening a school is closing a prison” Victor Hugo

Free access to education and the possibility of creating openly are two universal demands. Today’s world suffer terribly of the strong will, in many countries, to hinder peoples education in order to control and censor creation, which is, by nature, subversive.

We did ask to the Indonesian drawers Bob, from the Marjinal team in Jakarta, Heri Dono in Yogyakarta, Gepeng Dewantoro in Bandung, Agus Koecing in Surabaya and Gallia Vallet in Marseille, to work on the theme of education and creation. We did choose, among hundreds of drawings, woodcuts and paintings they submitted, the images which fit the best the support of projections, the body and the wings of the Bird, and meet the drama.

The show hinge in four “chapters” : learning, sharing, objecting and creating in autonomy.

Why a bird ?

The shape of this flying screen was obvious : it had to be a bird, because the bird lives naturally in the sky, is synonymous of freedom, don’t know any border, and at the same time is also a messenger, carrying, according to the circumstances, love letters, secret messages or war orders. Fragile, living close to us while we don’t pay any attention to it, the bird sees us from upside, with the distance and overhang which make the more acute observers, and it catches the dreams, desires, violence and visions from the earth.

Shadow theatre in the sky

At the beginning of Burung was a childish astonishment, a question which adults don’t even care :”Why my little pocket lamp, at night, cannot light the canopy of heaven?” That’s the way the desire of making shadow theatre in the sky went to us, from an uncanny question. So the sky became a place where, rather having images moving on a screeen, we could have a screen moving inside invisible, virtual images, and revealing them gradually.

GRAPHIC TEAM : - Bob from collective Marjinal - Heri Dono - Gepeng S.E. Dewantoro - Agus Koecing - Gallia Vallet

Here are some images cast on BURUNG :


Images projection and Wayang Kulit :

  • Herry Dim
  • Olivier Vallet
  • Sugeng Utomo

Handling the Bird :

  • Rangga Dwi Apriadinur
  • Ibrahim Adi Surya
  • Gallia Vallet
  • Anne Bitran

MUSIC : SENYAWA , Rully Shabara et Wukir Suryadi

LIGHT : - Suggeng Utomo


(depending of the venue)

9 people on tour Length : 55 minutes

Space for the movements of the bird and the puppeteers :

-outside : a cleared space (no electric wires!), minimum 70m/30m. - inside : a cleared space, minimum 10m/20m, 8 m height under the ceiling (+ room for the audience)

Light: - 4 profiles 1KW - 2 booms for the proflies - Electric wires. - 2 large tables - a 4 ways dimmers with faders or a DMX lighting console

Sound : To check with Senyawa :

Rehearsal : We always fly the day before, or two days earlier, (depending the weather conditions) so we need the availability of the venue two days before. We also need a room, minimum 6m/4m, to store the balloons between the rehearsal and the show.

Staff : We need one technician for the setting, the show and the strike after the show.

NOTA BENE : this show depend on weather conditions. If the wind is stronger than 20 km/h, or if it is raining, the company can cancel the show for safety reasons, or perform in an alternative place, if anticipated. The event organizer have to check his insurance in order to protect himself against the consequence of bad weather conditions.

Stage manager : Olivier Vallet ; 06 69 65 62 69

Support : Espace Periphérique-Ville de Paris-Parc de la Villette and French Institut La Cie Les Rémouleurs is supported by the Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles d’Ile de France-Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication






creation residencies in Yogyakarta in March and April 2016 and tour in April and May 2016 in Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung and Bali.